Annen Art Café events in summer 2020

The Art Cafe will open its doors again on 

at 11 am

On the Midsummer eve we will host another traditional evening event where Anne herself performs.

A visiting orchestra or soloist will be confirmed later!
All upcoming summer programs will be revealed soon.

New exhibition: The most beautiful parks! Bringing you 15 new paintings.


In the art cafe you can see Anne's paintings. There are about 100 of them in the area. There are 15 different buildings in the Art Café area, each with access to art and poetry.
The art trail in the forest is about 700 meters long. 
We also have a small shrine called Blue Bird. 
This venue can be used for wedding seremonies and more.

You should reserve plenty of time for your visit.
There are 5 different shops in the area:
art, lace, wrought iron, decor and clothing store.
Children also have their own children's studio in the yard, where you can paint and draw.
Children also enjoy the art trail, so it is worth traveling here with the whole family.

The Art Café offers a wide range of delicacies.
The products are 100% handmade here.
The café is hosted by my mother Tarja Hietikko!

You are free to come and visit the art cafe any time during open hours.
Groups of 15 people or more need to schedule a visitation time and meals separately. 
See our group packages.
Be sure to also look at the great Concert Programs for Groups (Over 50 People)

LOOK; group visits to art cafe

You can find the latest news on Facebook:


Annen Taidekahvila 
Sarapohjantie 173 39930 Karvia 

0400-857 386